Below are a number of resources that are referenced in our assignments or are suggestions for outside resources you can explore.  Should you have any questions about your student’s musical progress during the break, please don’t hesitate to contact me at dan[dot]norris[at]prosserschools[dot]org, via Remind, or with the Contact Me

REMIND Messaging: If you’re not already on my Remind list, I strongly encourage that as well. I will be sending out listening assignments and assignment reminders to keep your student learning during the school closure. On the Remind App, you can enter the appropriate class code (listed below), or you can text the class code to 81010 or 917-521-6401. 

Class Codes:

  • 1st Period Beginning Band: @hmbegband
  • 2nd Period Intermediate Band: @hmsbandint
  • 3rd Period Advanced Band: @advhmsband
  • 4th Period PHS Beginning Band (3rd Trimester Only):
  • 5th Period PHS Band: @prossband

Choir students: 

Band Students:

  • Continue practicing through your band music.  Demo play-along tracks can be found on my website at HMS Band Demo Recordings or PHS Band Demo Recordings.  The tracks that are on youtube can also be slowed down for easier learning by clicking the settings "gear" and then changing playback speed. 
  • Continue working through your band book.  Try learning 1-2 new lines per day.  If we all do this, we'll stay on track for learning for the end of the year! 
  • Practice your sightreading skills at Sight Reading Factory  (Click the "Try It Free" button)

Ideas for students of all ages:

  • Explore the other Lessons and Exercises at  A couple of my favorites are the ear training by Keyboard or note.  You can use the Settings gear to add sharps & flats or change the range.  Or click NOTE-READING EXERCISES at the left menu for a series of note3-reading exercises in a set progression.  
  • Flutes!  Check out "Flute Talk", a monthly magazine for flutists and flute teachers.  The March issue is available for free.
  • Brass Warmup (8am PST Daily) by Harry Waters (Retired US Army Field Band & Jazz Ambassadors) Daily Warmup Announcement (Youtube)
  • Piano players:  Check out "Piano Explorer", a monthly magazine for piano students.  Many of their online materials are currently free.
  • Percussionists--why not learn some drumset skills?  Search "Drumset tutorial [Style]" on Youtube.  Suggested styles include swing, funk, rock, slow rock, ska, Latin jazz, Latin rock, Salsa, bossa nova, etc...  You can practice many of these even without a drumset.
  • Many of the titles at include a demonstration video that scrolls the music so you can play or sing along!
  • Check out the WMEA All-State Audition Materials (Junior All-State and/or High School Wind Symphony).
  • Check out In Tune Monthly Student Edition, a publication of National Association for Music Educators with info about current popular music (and some stuff to learn, too!)

Full-length performances: (Acceptable for PHS Concert/Musical Review provided the length is more than 70 minutes--check before you commit!)

Ted Talks: (for PHS Ted Talk Assignments)

Other groups to check out for fun or exploration:

Sample song parodies for parody project: