Uniforms/Concert Dress

What does my student need to wear for band/choir?

HMS Band & Choir

  • HMS will provide "HMS Music Department" Shirts for students who do not purchase them at the beginning of the year.  (Borrowed shirts remain the property of HMS and must be returned after each performance.)
  • Students will provide:  
    • Black dress pants/skirt (below knees)--with shirt tucked in
    • Black socks/hose (no bare legs/ankles)
    • Black Dress Shoes
  • For certain performances, we may choose to have the students wear clean jeans (no holes) instead of the Black pants/skirt, socks, & shoes.  This will be announced well in advance.  

PHS Band

Parades & Field Shows:  PHS Band uniform pants, jacket, hat are provided.  Students must provide: 

  • Black socks (calf or higher so your ankles do not show while marching or seated).
  • Dinkles brand "Vanguard" #707 Marching Shoe (Black)--These shoes are specifically designed to facilitate our style of marching with a smooth, rolled step, have proven durable and comfortable.  More information is available at Vanguard Marching Shoe.  We place a bulk order at the beginning of each school year that gets us the same price, but with free shipping.  

Pep Band & other "informal" Concerts:

  • Students will wear the designated PHS Band shirt.  These are purchased at the beginning of the year at a reasonable cost--usually under $10.  
  • Students will wear clean jeans (no holes) and closed-toe shoes.  
  • Exceptions to the above will be at the director's discretion.  Please do not assume.  Ask first.  

Formal Concerts:  In the 2019-2020 School Year, we will no longer be using our parade uniforms for concert performances.  Three main reasons:  to extend the life of the current uniforms; the current uniforms are designed to look best in a standing position; to bring us more in line with what other high schools around the state wear for performances while still being affordable* for students & families.  Students will have 3 options (please note that all are fully black):

  • Black Collared Dress Shirt (shoulders covered), tucked into Black Slacks with a Black Belt, with Long Black Socks, and Black Dress Shoes (closed toe).
  • Black Blouse (shoulders covered) with Black Skirt/Pants (past the knees), Black Socks/Hose, and Black Dress Shoes (closed toe).
  • Formal Black Dress (past the knees, shoulders covered), Black Socks/Hose, and Black Dress Shoes (closed toe). A formal black sweater/coverup/jacket may be added 
  • Other notes:
    • Optional:  Students may add a red "accent" item that does not cover more than 5% of the outfit (included, but not limited to: solid red tie, red socks, red scarf, red suspenders, red jewelry).  Students will be asked to remove accessories that are obviously beyond the described size limit, do not match the color theme, or are otherwise distracting.  When in doubt, ask first before purchasing.  
    • Please keep jewelry/watches/hair accessories modest and not distracting.  
    • No logos allowed on the clothing or accent items.
    • *It is not the intention of this requirement that families spend massive amounts of money on concert-only clothing.  In fact, most of these options can be used for many different purposes and could be purchased for under $25 at many area thrift stores.  If you cannot afford to outfit your student, please contact Mr. Norris well before the concert and he will make every effort to help meet your needs.  
    • The black dress shoes may be your marching shoes if they are clean.